Thoughts from the Road – #3311

I have been logging the miles lately and thinking profound thoughts and all but they seem to disappear before I get to blog them.

I have a month until my race in Harrisburg and I suppose I will do fine. There are a lot less unknowns about what I can accomplish this year. The added security and sense of running self comes with a little less excitement. I am not foolish enough to think I would enjoy running 10 miles without doing the work to prepare. I am just a little less focused on the formula on how to get there. Less stress, less anticipation but an awareness.

Running in cold rain is my least favorite kind of run. It sent me indoors last Friday to the Ashenfelter track. I was able to run a nicely paced 10k while it was pouring icy cold rain out. My walk and wait for the bus confirmed how much I dislike that kind of weather.

The snow has dissipated in many places and opened up some routes I haven’t been able to run for a while. Because of that I was able to calibrate my new iPod Touch. It took me three tries. The first was to a spot I know is where I usually turn over my first mile. I was able to have my smaller iPod and sensor verify when I hit a mile since the new iPod has an internal sensor. Both were recording my run off the same chip on my shoe. I stopped when my old calibrated sensor turned to a mile and ended both workouts. The new iPod said I had run 1.45 miles. I chose to recalibrate it and selected the corrected distance of 1 mile. I poked a button and it seemed to save the workout but did not recalibrate.

I was pretty much in the middle of nowhere, at the top of a hill, so my run was not done. Another woman ran past me as I was poking all of my buttons. I stood idle for so long I was getting cold and she was totally out of sight. I decided I needed to get moving and chose to just run an open ended distance. I would just note the distance that was on the correctly calibrated iPod and apply it to the new one afterward.

My second try at calibration included one of my favorite routes to Spring Valley Rd and back to Commercial Blvd. The day was very pretty, all of the horses were out and I saw some raptors in the morning sun. By the time I got to the culdesac of Commercial Blvd I had been out over an hour. The second distance to calibrate was 5.31 miles. The new iPod told me I had run over 7 miles so I chose the recalibrate touch spot on the screen, swiped to scroll to the correct distance (5.31) and poked the button. Damn! I did the same thing. I realized I should have touch a spot on the screen that said, “Done” before exiting the whole calibration page.

I was so frustrated that I didn’t even set up my smaller calibrated iPod (I call it Uplifting Voice) to take a loop on Commercial Blvd. My third go at calibrating the new iPod was done on what I new was a .8 mile loop I had run time and time again last winter. I was tired but so angry to get it over with that it was my fastest paces of the day. I ended up running a total of 7 miles after all. You better believe I was careful in setting the calibration that last time. I saw that “Done” and made sure to touch the screen to finally calibrate the new iPod Touch (I call it tru).

Yesterday was another really pretty morning and I decided to take tru out for a run to check my calibration. I don’t know why I always have doubts that I have made a mistake in measuring the Commercial Blvd. lap. I was so panicked that I had fooled myself into just thinking I was running a 5k or 8k last year that I was thrilled and relieved @ my first race when I made it to the end in the rough time I had estimated. I still have moments where it’s hard to believe that I actually run certain distances but yesterday was more about making sure I had calibrated tru properly.

I planned on stopping at my typical mile point to check the calibration and reset it if it was off. To get to the point of unlocking it to do that, I press a button to wake up the screen but that also gives me an audible announcement of how far I have run. At my mile point, tru told me I had run 1.02 miles. I am fine with that and kept running for a similar run to the day before, sans extra Commercial lap. The overall distnace seemed just fine and I kept a pretty good pace the whole way.

Here comes another pretty morning, third in a row. It’s hard to pass it up with the threat of cold rain this weekend. I am logging the regular 6 or so miles a few times a week, I am just going to have to take a day off and get a longer run in sometime. It’ll happen.


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