snow studs

We finally got a substantial snowfall to justify my winter running project. With Miles’ help, I screwed in some 1/4″ sheet metal screws into my oldest sneakers. I have decided to mutilate my oldest shoes since Yaktracks Pro do not come small enough for my size 6 New Balance 758’s.

After an easy 2.5 miles on many different surfaces I returned home to find I had lost one outside stud. The remaining ones showed no wear even though half of the running had been on slushy or just wet road surfaces.

They handled best on snow pack where tires had driven on the 2″ of unplowed snow. They were also really nice on unshoveled sidewalks with 2″ – 3″ of fluffy snow. I was able to get a nice grip to keep moving up a 3° – 5° incline and felt just as confidant descending the same route because of the studs on my heals.

The surfaces I felt less confidant about were the wet roads where I wasn’t certain if the studs might cause me to slide if I would pick up speed. The snowy trail I was on was just more difficult to navigate because of the added effort to get through the snow. I will say the same for the hill with road grade gravel.

I look forward to trying them again when I have a few ice patches to test out.

Birbanto helped me with the follow up shots. Read how they worked on this run!


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