Firstly – kudos to Jimmy the Eye for completing his first 10K race in the 10th annual Big Valley 10k!! His time was a smart 59:09!

I got second place in my women’s age category for my time; it was a PR*. It was the first time my 10k time was under an hour in a race and this beautiful course was loaded with hills.

Funny thing is, I also placed last in my age category since there were only 2 of us that ran. That gave me a chuckle and made me think a little about what the silver medal I held at the end stood for. Everyone who ponied up an entrance fee got a t-shirt. Even though I have a policy of not wearing mine until I cross the finish line, I still got the shirt just for entering. Not everyone who entered got a medal nor did every finisher.

I remembered a post from a running message board about a fellow who knew he was probably going to be last in the race he entered. He was dreading being followed the whole route by the ever present ambulance and the course clean up crew. A wise master runner told him that DL* was better than DNF* with is even better than DNS*.

I chose to enter, run and was able to finish. I wasn’t dead last, I was stride for stride with Jimmy the Eye right up to the finish line. There were even a few more runners that came in during the next 13 minutes. My medal, I decided, might be for last in my age group of women who finished but well ahead of those who didn’t toe the line. I have worked hard to get where I am and I am enjoying the journey.

DL = Dead Last
DNF = Did Not Finish
DNS = Did Not Start
PR = Personal Record

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