Thoughts from the Road – #1028

This morning was my first easy go since Sunday’s half that really beat me up. Being the second morning that my knees aren’t swollen (they were a little last night) I set out on this beautiful morning just before Samhain. Businesses were barely waking and I even beat the school buses.

Bald Eagle Ridge was lighted with the low golden sunrise of a 7:45 Autumn morning. It filtered the colors in a way that the purples and deep deep blues in the shadows gave splendid contrast to the changing leaves and evergreen hues. When stick-in-the mud type teachers hand out crayons and markers for doing Autumn leaves they forget to encourage those cooler colors too!

Autumn is a broad palate of colors, varied sounds and amazing smells. I enjoyed them all, even the more garbagey ones behind WalMart that help balance it all out. It made for a nice run which ended all too soon. The route, one that I mixed with flat and hills, included much of what I first started with in January. It’s funny how areas I used to consider and uphill or downhill are pretty much level to me now. It’s also funny that when I am trying to have a slow easy run I can still get close to a 10 minute mile. It’s a far cry from the 13+ minute mile I started with months ago.

The route was under 3 miles and I hardly broke a sweat. It was just what I needed to prove that I didn’t mess up my body to never be able to run again. The blisters are almost healed and a couple more days I will be able to stretch out a little more. It’s odd not to have a goal but it may also me a good thing for my recovery right now.


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