Thoughts from the Road – #1003

and One Tenth

I have scheduled this post to be published just about the time I will be struggling with that last 1/10 mile before the finish line at the Run Like a Diva 1/2 Marathon.

Ten months ago I couldn’t run a minute without needing to take a break. I was shocking to know that that was all the more endurance I had. My goal of being able to run a half hour or 5k without stopping seemed unlikely. It was depressing but I didn’t give up. I won’t give up today either.

In the winter I liked being able to go outside and sweat even in the coldest weather. It was, and still is, personal time for me. I am doing something good for myself, frequently by myself. As I felt more confidant, I let a few people who were closest to me know of my 3 times a week running. Today I will be in the midst of thousands of other women but I will still be running by myself and for myself.

I struggled with some minor tendinitis, a few pulled muscles and a couple of blisters. The support of my good family saw me through any of those frustrations. Today I will do my best to avoid injury and deal with any aches as I make my way to the finish line in Eisenhower Park, Garden City, NY.

My Mom and Dad bought me great running shoes for my birthday that saw me through my first race in Frederick, MD. Mom and I also shopped Goodwill for running clothes. The Body Glide that I thought was much to expensive was bought for me by Mom. I love it and have a back up tube just in case. Today I am carrying both parent with me in my dna. They have always encouraged me to run and I will keep running for that final 528 feet.

My son and daughter-in-law gave me gifts of love and running gear. The iPod which has allowed me to run for hours on end without being bored and the Camelback which let me distance train on summer week days are indispensable. My son coached me on stretching and overuse injuries and his good wife coached me on upper body strength. They have flown by my side in spirit on my long runs and showered me with fun toys and Diva gear. It is their supportive wings that will keep my feet lifting as I pound the pavement for a final .1 mile.

My mother-in-law came to cheer me on in a local 5k race. My best friend, sister and folks I hardly know gave me support of last minute phone texts and Facebook messages. Each of you will be in my mind as I see the finish line.

I would never have made it as far nor expanded my horizons if it weren’t for my husband, the dearest man and love of my life. His support is without smothering but come in the way of gentle suggestions. He is “can do” as my road crew by setting caches and shuttling me from point to point. My routes would have become much more stagnant and limited if he wasn’t up for driving out to a new location and joining me for portions of my runs. He has been with me, biking by my side in Central Park, running with me on the road back in Fisherman’s Paradise and cheering me as I end up near our home. It is thanks to him that I will cross that finish line today.

*iPod says, “Congratulations, you have reached your goal…”*
or did it just say
“Halfway point, thirteen point one miles to go.” !!!????

Maybe someday but today I am glad to have run the hundreds of miles I have since the beginning of the year. Thank you all for your support.

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