Thoughts from the Road – #930

The Twelfth Mile

This is uncharted territory for me.
It’s hard to stay zen about this but I just have to keep moving.
I don’t want my play list to run out. I am going to try to pick up my pace a bit.
I can’t believe I haven’t walked in over 2 hours.
Hey, I think my Gu just kicked in!
Oh please don’t let me have blisters.
Darn, my right arm is chaffing now too.
Annie Lennox always makes me feel glad to be running. Another vocal grand diva.
I see the 12 mile marker ahead and there is Jimbo on his bike. I could push him off and bike the last mile. I better warn him.
Well where the heck is my feather boa and tiara!? Oh right, at home on my dresser beside my wand and diva compass. Arron & Amy, you are the best!
Look at the cute chalk on the road ahead!
*pushing my 2 index fingers into the air*
“Go, go go!”
*iPod says, “One mile to go.”
Oh my god. I can do this!


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