Thoughts from the Road – #925

The Tenth Mile

“Go on now go, walk out the door…”
Any pain or fatigue can just go.
“Just turn around now ’cause your not welcome anymore.”
My pain can just go out the door. *hands make sweeping gesture*
I sure hope that Gu kicks in soon. I am really dragging.
If I don’t lift my feet higher I will trip.
It scares me that I have never hit what they call “the wall.” I guess I am just so slow and refuel so frequently that I never deplete my glycogen to that level.
My back is tired.
Wow, I have more energy than some of these folks who started at the same time I did.
Maybe I’ll put on a little burst of speed here. HAHAHA!
This mile is taking forever.
I can’t wait for my chocolate milk and ice bath.
Awesome, here comes that upbeat guy cheering on the racers I am running with. He loves it when folks hold out their hand to slap 5 with him.
*holds out hand and gets slapped with enough force to almost knock an exhausted body over*
At least I didn’t get creamed by that elite runner.
*iPod says, “Ten miles completed.”*
Man oh man.


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