Summer’s End

A quick trip to take A&A back to their home after a long and wonderful visit in PA. We went to the Jekyll & Hyde Club as opposed to the pub we went to a few years ago. Good times then a run in the park along side the ING New York City Marathon Tune-Up racers in Central Park the next morning.

Above are photos of the trip but the outstanding memories of the summer include:
toasting with pickles on a stick
the scent of wet bamboo in the bathroom
spinning on a single point trapeze
coffee in cat mugs
Jimbo the driving king!
watching flourishes added to juggling clubs
Casie’s little butt, “rarrr!”
Apricot Wheat running out seconds after we sat down
birthday songs, short and long
Trevor… “…, keep the peace.”
hot sauces; meek, firey and foaming
biking & DDR
Shia LaBeouf’s head
“I NEED this!” (glowing razor)
a new ab regiment & a way to attack a “let down”
crackerfuls (one in the drawer made me tear up this morning)
the evil un-Queenly Queen
Arron doing Harry doing Paul… “belittling you! hah hah hah!”
feather boa (you gonna just sashay outa here with that?), lavender wand, diva compass and butterfly tiara (“AUGH!!”<<< Birbanto)
Chef Jim serves up another meal of perfection – corn bread in a skillet, Uncle AB would be proud (oui chef)
Cracker Barrel(hehe – Macaroni Grill) & Waffle House!
Miles in every bag
Mr. B being busty and scared
Mooch hissing!
fairy floss for breakfast
garden offerings and a harvest’s end
our best friends


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