Thoughts from the Road – #917

The Seventh Mile

When I stare at the road for a long time without blinking, the white lines glow.
My feet are numb.
Aggressive driver, I was so far over I was in that person’s lawn. *frowns*
Apples smashed all over the road, what a waste.
Keep your elderly Akita over there, thank you.
Why does it feel like I am wearing my tabi socks!?! There is no way there could be material between my toes!
Boy am I slow but this is my 24th mile in less than a week so I will look at it that way.
Holy cow! Smashed pears on the road from a glorious pear tree.
Gerald Street for my final mile, what a stupid route choice.
Over 6 miles and I can finally take my gloves off. Uphill is good for something.
Oh my GOSH! That is the second whole smashed banana I have seen on the road today!
I wish I could cut this run short but I am building endurance.
*iPod says, “Seven Miles Completed.”*
*Ripping the iPod carrier from arm and immediately pulling out the Nike+ chip before slowing to a walk.*
*iPod says, “Hi, it’s Joan again. I hope you are feeling great ’cause you certainly are going great. You’ve covered another 500 kilometers.”*


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