Thoughts from the Road – #915

The Sixth Mile

Thank you Infected Mushroom, I am definitely feeling “Deeply Disturbed and Completely Unhappy” right now.
Why did I ever choose this route with the final mile all a steep uphill? I swear I am going to have to walk some of it… later.
Here comes that woman who started out at the Alexandria trail head just before me! I bet she turned around just after 6.5 miles like I plan to. If we had time to talk I would ask her if she was running a 1/2 marathon today. “Hi”
Wow, it’s crowded and even in this last mile I am still having to run sideways to pass other women.
I am so pleased that I use my downhill well.
Darn, this part of Houserville Rd is always busy and it’s narrow to cross the bridge up ahead.
Feeling fatigued, watch the drain that drops off up ahead.
Over half way today, I can’t imagine what running 13 might be like.
Poor Nightjar, I will always have time to turn around (on this brutal hill) to right you and help you into a shaded ditch. I wish you the best.
Why did I pick such a fast tempo this far into my playlist? That was just stupid.
*iPod says, “Six miles completed.”
“THANK you.”
*iPod says, “This is Tiger. You have just covered another 250 miles. Congratulations.”
Tiger!? WTF?


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