Thoughts from the Road – #912

The Fifth Mile

Now how am I going to work another mile into this route? I guess I will zig-zag through these deserted parking lots before turning for the home stretch.
Crossing Branch Rd is always a little tricky. Stay aware, stay aware.
I feel that tendon, I know it’s a sign of over use but I have dealt with it before.
Watch the footing on the icy spots, you are getting fatigued.
What’s with these deer flies!? I never expected bugs when I chose Pine Creek Rail Trail! Augh, I better pick up the pace and try to out run them.
I never, ever, see anyone in this stark development. It’s like a ghost town.
Oooo! Spotted Jewel Weed! A late summer friend that really adds color to this creek side trail.
Hmph, my calibration might be off. Here comes the Mt. Etna parking area.
“I CAN DO THIS!”(at my first race – 8k in Frederick MD)
*iPod says, “Five miles completed”*
Thank you.


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