Thoughts from the Road – #910

The Fourth Mile

Here is where I had to walk that one time when my IT band totally seized up. Boy my knee really hurt that time. I was lucky that a minute of walking let me finish out the mileage that day.
Time to turn around and head for home. Uphill becomes down but I don’t quite have the steam to take full advantage of it.
Cool tune, it makes me smile.*little quivering grin*
Why are my feet starting to feel numb? Stupid new shoes. Maybe I added too much mileage this week. Duh, it’s not the shoes.
I fueled up just right for this longer run and there is the cache DH left for me on the way to work this morning. I don’t love Gu but don’t mind it with an ample chaser of cold water. I will walk for one minute to make sure I get the water down properly.
I see some deer way up ahead on the trail! They see me, there they go.
Sketchy guy with dog. At least I know I have seen him on this stretch before.
I guess going to that coffee shop is going to be well over 4 miles but it will be a fun diversion.
A commuter by bike, cool! “Good morning”
*iPod says, “Four Miles Completed”*
Thank you.


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