Thoughts From the Road – #907

The Third Mile

I am feeling well enough to pick up my pace a little. Having this be a nice short run, I can turn it on a bit.
Here comes that hill that never ends.
Mr. Golden Retriever man. He always has his old dog sit off in the grass as I pass. “Good Morning”
Down and through the tunnel. Glasses off for a bit. Meow, meow, meow. Glasses back on.
That stream is just beautiful right here. *takes out ear bud to hear the gurgling*
Glasses steamed up, oh well.
Here is where I saw that snapping turtle laying eggs.
Major uphill for the rest of this mile.
Good that car is going wide, they see me for certain. *wave to car coming toward*
CATA has a route in Penn Hills now, very cool.
Ha! Bus congregation, school bus makes CATA Bus wait.
Will this hill never end?
Push hard, eyes on the crest.
I like this song, make me want to pour it on.
There’s that hammy again, I better ease up.
Move the toes around a bit on the little downhill.
Switch sides of the asphalt for the IT band.
Pound it out, bring it home.
*iPod says, “Three Miles Completed”*
“Thank You.”


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