Thoughts from the Road – #906

The Second Mile

Finally getting in the groove, finally getting past the itchy transition to sweating.
I am loving this stretch of road. Look at these beautiful plants.
Ah… my neck finally cracked and my legs might not be quite a heavy as when I started.
I think this downhill should work that cramp out of my left foot. Time to wiggle those toes around and work through my whole foot.
Wow! A little heron just landed over there!
This is such a quite area, no one to be seen.
Here comes that hill. Should I bear down on it or just keep my eyes up? I don’t mind hills like I used to and I know that they are good training. It makes my overall time better on flat courses.
I’m sweating now!
Sun is up for sure, glad I brought my sunglasses.
*iPod says, “Two miles completed.”
Thank You.

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