Thoughts from the Road – #904

The First Mile

God, it’s chilly out and my muscles are so stiff this morning.
Watch out for that pot hole.
I wish I could wake up. Stay loose and pace yourself, you’re in it for the long haul.
Ok bunny, run off into the brush, trust me I am not chasing you.
Darn, I can still feel my sore hamstring.
I need to stop running on my toes, oh good – the downhill will force me to heel strike fr a little.
Oh cool, a baby deer with it’s mom!
Mind the gravel, look both ways aaaand cross.
Ugh, uphill. Now I need to lean and onto the front of my feet.
Does this car see me? Yes. *waving thank you*
My legs are feeling like lead this morning. Maybe if the cats had let me sleep past 4AM I would feel lighter up this hill.
There are the crows on the roof tops. Oops, I spooked the Coopers and there they all go.
Augh! Stupid little white dog that I never see until the last minute. Glad I run on the road now and don’t accidentally kick it anymore.
Am I going to fast? I don’t think so. No, I was much farther along in this song before.
Oh boy, there is that lady with her twin Miniature Schnauzers. Yes, yes, bark all you want. I am getting by you as fast as I can.
My foot is starting to cramp and I am sweating. Shake it out, wipe it off.
Crest the little hill and level out.
What a nice view from up here.
*iPod says “One Mile Completed”*
Thank You.


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