Summer Runnin’

I am adding some photos and videos of a couple of great runs I participated in this summer. Yesterday I finally shaved my 5k time under 30 minutes and average pace was about a 9:23 mile. Not too bad from having just started in January. See captions below each photo for description. I will add them as I can.

NYRR Women’s Mini 10k
Central Park
June 12, 2010
My corral for snails pace runners. Next year I will maybe be in the 5,000s!!

A little warm up jog down to the port-a “janes.” It was a women’s only race don’t -cha know.
Central Park West before the rush of womanity.
Here come the racers!

Ravenboy and RGBisMe cheered me on as I ran by. I fit right in!

Juniata River Rampage
Lewistown, PA
July 3, 2010

We decided to go for the patriotic costume prize and vowed to run together. We made a flag when we stood side by side.

The very beginning. 90 runners was the smallest race we had ever been in. You can see Jimmy “the eye” starting his watch as we cross the start line. He is in red and white striped and right of center in this pack.

We had about .25 mile to go when we had to hop up onto the sidewalk for the final push. We were really focused on the footing here.

“Run like a Kenyan” I managed to wheeze out just feet before the finish line. We could see the clock would have us under 30 minutes and I was excited. Grace is in the lower left corner cheering us on!

We did get the trophy for the best costume and I got a bronze medal for having the 3rd fastest time in my age category for women. You gotta love small town races!

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