Wild Women’s 8k

My review for the event organizers (after about 20 other reviews, many complaining about the small sizes of the t-shirts):

Did WW8k deliver what it promised? When I pre-registered up for the race, it promised a technical t-shirt in my size, stated that enrollment was limited to 200, that it was a women’s 8k race. It didn’t promise that it was a certified course nor that it was chip timed. It was because of all of the above that I chose this for my first race, ever.

Obviously the t-shirt is important enough for many to bring up; I was ~~thrilled~~ to have a women’s sized technical shirt that actually fit me, just as promised.

When I overheard that some men were being allowed to run the course, I was upset. It totally changes a group’s dynamic. Imagine advertising an Athena only race and allowing tiny, speedy women in also. Not every fellow that ran was there to support someone. Yes, their entrance fee supported the Women’s Giving Circle but so would have a flat out donation. The organizers dealt with it in such a friendly way that (in another review) men are recommending the race next year. Be careful and clearly define things next year (one way or another).

It was also intimidating to see that there were more than 200 runners. With all I have said, you might think I didn’t have a good experience; I had a great time because of the support and attitude of the volunteers and organizers. I loved the course and the view of 200 some women running ahead of me in the early morning light was exactly why I chose to travel over 150 miles to WW8k for my first run. I hope to return next year.


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